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Face Mask
Face mask is a covering on the face that helps the person to stay away from the contamination. It helps in preventing the spread of communicable diseases.
Personal Protection Kit
Personal Protective kit is a kit that contains the important accessories for the safety and hygiene of oneself. This is often demanded in the industries and medical centers.
Oxygen Concentrator
An oxygen concentrator is an important medical equipment that helps in providing extra oxygen supply. The patients with breathing problems are benefited a lot from this device.
Infrared Thermometer
Infrared thermometer is an innovative medical device that helps in determining the body temperature of a patients without touching the body. Measurement is done at a distance quickly.
Pulse Oximeter
Pulse oximeter is used for measuring the content of oxygen presence in the blood sample. The measurement is done in percentage. It is a painless technique.
Bouffant Cap
Bouffant cap is used for preventing the spread of hairs to contaminate the important places of medical places. Medical staffs of the laboratories, hospital, industries wear this cap.
Biohazard Bags
Biohazard bag is a sack that is used for collecting or packing the toxic wastes or garbage, usually produced in the labs. They help in preventing the spread of infections and pollution.
Oxygen Regulator
Oxygen regulator is an adjustable device, which reduces and controls the flow of oxygen. This ensures high level of safety. often installed in the hospitals for convenience of patients.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is a personal care item, which cleans sthe hand palms. It does not require water and sink for cleaning. It kills 99 percent of the germs and bacteria sticked to hands.

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